Thanksgiving Greeting Card

Will you be cooking and serving the Thanksgiving meal in your home?

What a great idea to create a Thanksgiving greeting card for each guest with their picture and name on the front.  Then on the inside of the card, write one special reason you’re grateful for that particular person.  Place the card on the table where the guest will sit for dinner.

Imagine the surprise when the guest opens the card to read your special gratitude message!


What would you write inside a Thanksgiving greeting card to express your gratitude?




  1. Jane, what a wonderful idea! Thank you!

  2. Jane, thanks for posting about the unique ways we can express gratitude (and so much more) during the holidays and year-round. The online system we use opens up a whole new world for communications. I look forward to supporting you at Boutiques etc. as you share the system with others.

    I am creating custom picture plus cards with my own photography and recipes inside this year. The recipes can include food, libations, herbal elixirs, and recipes for staying in the moment!

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