Helper’s High

“ParentingOC” magazine reported in November 2013 on research from behavioral therapists, neuroscientists, to name a few, that referred to “the Helper’s High”, a distinct physical sensation associated with helping, or doing good deeds.  

I recently experienced this “High” when I finished an errand, returned to my parking spot that I paid for and discovered there was time left.  A car was ready to take the spot when I exited.  I reached into my car to grab the ticket (I had used a pay machine) that indicated there was another 1/2 hour for a car to park.  Took the ticket to the lady in the SUV waiting for the spot.  She thanked me and I said “you’re welcome!”  This gesture of acting on my prompting gave me a very good feeling that lasted the rest of the day.  Truly I did not expect anything in return.  It was enough to feel “the Helper’s High”.

Here are some ideas on how to help others year round:

  • Have you ever thought about reaching out to friends and family not just during the holidays?
  • Have you thought about the impact of the Helper’s High when it comes to connecting with people?  
  • Do you know someone who is experiencing a change in life, or planning a trip of their dreams, or welcoming a new way of life? 
  • Can you send an offer of help and tell the person, “if now isn’t a good time, save this invitation for later…no expiration date”!  
  • Is there a young person experiencing bullies or the challenging teenage years?  
  • Does your physician/surgeon deserve a written thank you for a surgery performed to make your life better?

What can you do right now to experience “the Helper’s High”?


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Thanksgiving Greeting Card

Will you be cooking and serving the Thanksgiving meal in your home?

What a great idea to create a Thanksgiving greeting card for each guest with their picture and name on the front.  Then on the inside of the card, write one special reason you’re grateful for that particular person.  Place the card on the table where the guest will sit for dinner.

Imagine the surprise when the guest opens the card to read your special gratitude message!


What would you write inside a Thanksgiving greeting card to express your gratitude?



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Simple Things

Simple Things

“If the only prayer you ever say is thank you,

that would be sufficient.”

― Meister Johann Eckhardt

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